What is your return policy?

Houzz provides a storefront for sellers who sell their products through our website, in addition to products sold directly by Houzz. Though we try to work with each seller to adhere to the standard Houzz policies for shipping, returns, and damages, these policies are set by the individual sellers, and can vary significantly between them.

We post each seller’s return, damage and warranty policies on the individual product pages, as well as in the order and shipping confirmation emails. These emails are sent to you when an order is shipped so that you can be informed throughout the process about your options.

Some of the products listed on our site require restocking fees and/or return shipping to be paid by the customer in the event of a return.  We are unable to deviate from these policies, so it is important to check an individual product's policies before placing your order or requesting a return.  Click on the "View return policy" link on any product page to view these policies. This link can be found on the right hand side of the product listing under “Seller and Shipping Information.”


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