Fulfilling Orders

Where do my Houzz orders get fulfilled?

  • Orders that originate on Houzz will populate within your current Shopify Orders section. Houzz orders can be identified on the orders detail page. You will see "Houzz" in the upper right hand corner which confirms that this order originated from Houzz.  The notes section of each order has a link to our Packing Slip and our formal Houzz PO # (Order Id). Please use this ID when speaking with your Houzz representative. Process your orders as you normally would through Shopify. 
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    Dawn Zickus-Standish

    why is it taking so long. My contractor needs the materials as soon as possible

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    Patricia Barnfield

    Can I refuse an order at the time of delivery? I do not need the item.

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    Get out of business, you suck!

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    DANA SALTZMAN 646 242 4742

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    My order was supposed to arrive today and it still hasn't been shipped this company is terrible!!!!

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    Janice Hernandez

    I ordered it have order number but I have not gotten email and can't track

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    i placed an order on July 7 and it said it would be here by Aug 21st, and still no response from the seller or tracking number. I needed these pieces for an installation and am very disappointed with the sellers lack of response when emailed. I could be have chosen other products 5 times over but waited for these instead. I would like to cancel the order at this point and leave a negative feed back for this company SO ANNOYED!!!

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    I'm in Saudia Arabia and need to place an order, is it possible?