Connecting Shopify Store to Houzz Marketplace

How do I connect my Shopify Store to the Houzz Marketplace?
  • If you are a new seller to Houzz, download the Houzz Shopify app within Shopify. Follow the prompts to connect the app and complete the Houzz Seller Agreement.

  • If you have an existing approved Seller Agreement on Houzz, you will need to download the Houzz Shopify app within Shopify and select Houzz appropriate products as ‘Visible’ for Houzz. Once the products are marked as visible, please email and our data team will be able to assist with connecting current Houzz listings with the newly published Shopify listings.

How do I publish my products on Houzz? 

  • Select "Houzz" in the Visibility box in the Houzz Shopify App and click "save". 

I'm getting an error code, what does it mean?
  • After you make products visible to Houzz, your Shopify page may show a list of products with error codes if specific products were not successfully synced to Houzz. The error code specifies the issue with the products. Please edit your product listing, uncheck and recheck the visible to Houzz button so that your products can be published to Houzz. Please email with any questions. 
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    Please specify the variation attributes that are required by the parent listing.

    floral shirt butterfly long sleevel dress outfit set
    [8537313229] Product image size is below minimum requirement for the given listing type.
    [29051874637] P

    I have this note in many products, how can i fix it?

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    You should update your app, as sorting products not available in the app, if I add new products, there is no option available to go to end of the page in "Listing" page

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    I noticed when going through our product catalog on Houzz, that some of the product images are not correct. I am not sure where these product images were pulled from, or how I can change them since all of them product should have been pulled from our Shopify store by the app. Also, why are the SKUs different on Houzz than they are on our Shopify store?