How to make your Storefront great

Below you’ll find the easy actions you can take to take full advantage of your Marketplace Storefront. Follow these best practices to reach more shoppers more effectively.

1. Update your profile image

Upload your profile image with your company logo. From your Marketplace Storefront, mouse over the current profile image until the camera icon appears as shown on the left. Click the camera icon, and then choose your logo file.

Logo files should be at least 150 pixels by 150 pixels in size. Our tool will help you scale rectangular logos to fit the space.

2. Update your cover image

This is a must-do to help your company stand out Your cover image conveys what your product line or company is all about. Selecting a strong cover image will help visually define your company, working together with your company logo to build your brand. From your Marketplace Storefront, click on “Change Cover Photo” as shown on the left. The tool will enable you to select from images you have uploaded to Houzz that are appropriately high resolution.

We encourage you to upload images of your product in rooms to use both in your cover image and to drive more exposure for your products.

3. Showcase your products installed

We’ve created virtual “Catalogs” within your Marketplace Storefront to house photos of your products in indoor or outdoor residential spaces. You can create as many catalogs as you need, and name them in any way you like.

Tip: Be sure to use green product tags in your catalog photos so that shoppers can easily identify the products you sell and purchase them.

Bonus! These photos will also show up in the Houzz photo stream, giving your products even more exposure to Houzz shoppers.

4. Foster positive reviews

Verified buyer reviews are featured prominently on your storefront, as well as on your product listings, so it’s important to continue to provide an excellent experience to your customers.

Reviews contribute to your overall seller score, and can significantly help increase the purchase rate for your products. 


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