Customer Feedback and Reviews

Customers are able to write reviews and give feedback on their purchases on Houzz. Reviews cover the ordering experience as well as the product purchased.

If you would like to address the feedback, then please email the customer using the Houzz Message tool. The customer feedback link can be found in Seller Central under Orders.

Requesting Removal of Negative Reviews 

To ensure that customers always have the highest quality experience when buying on Houzz, we encourage you to reach out to the customers who leave negative reviews in an attempt to successfully resolve their issues. Often times, we see that proactive sellers are able to turn a customer’s negative experience into a positive one.

You have the ability to ask the customer to remove a review if you feel that you’ve successfully addressed their concerns or the review was left in error. You can request removal for reviews in the last 30 days and if the review is 3 or less stars. To do so, visit the Customer Feedback page in Seller Central, and click on the “Request Removal” button associated with each review. You will be prompted to enter a message to the customer. The customer will have the option to retract their review if they feel the outcome of the review was successful.

Please note: You can only request the removal of a review once.

Retracted reviews will not penalize your Seller Score or be publicly visible on Houzz. Only order experience reviews can be requested.


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