Houzz Message Tool

The Houzz messaging feature enables communication between Houzz sellers and customers. Using the Houzz web interface, you will be able to exchange messages directly with customers.

How it works:

After placing an order, a customer can contact you using an online form on Houzz. You will receive an email when you have a new message. Do not reply to this email as this will not reach the customer. Click the “See Message” button within the email to read and reply to the message.

Customers will not receive your email address.

Responding to a message:

Click the “See Message” button in the email to view the customer’s message. Sign into Houzz and click on “Reply”. In the dialog, compose your message and press “Send.”

Where to find messages:

Sign in and go to Your Houzz. Click the Messages link in the menu on the left of your screen to see and respond to all messages.

Initiating a message:

If you need to initiate contact with a customer about an order, sign in to Seller Central. Click on the “Contact Customer” button next to the appropriate order.


The messaging tool is designed to streamline communication and solve problems faster.

The following guidelines apply:

  • Seller must respond to all customer inquiries within 24 hours of receipt.
  • Seller must be helpful and friendly in all communication.
  • Unsolicited communications with Houzz users is prohibited. This includes attempts to remarket to Houzz customers after a sale.
  • Any attempt to communicate with Houzz customers outside of the Houzz messaging tool or direct users away from Houzz is prohibited. This includes distributing email addresses, phone numbers or a seller asking customers to contact them directly.
  • Seller must not post on other sellers’ product pages or attempt to direct customers to their own product.

If you need to cancel a customer’s order after it is processed, you must reach out to the customer by sending a message through Houzz and notify Houzz directly by emailing orders@houzz.com.

If a customer asks to cancel an order through a message, and you agree to cancel, you must inform Houzz at orders@houzz.com.






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