Inventory Management

Sellers on Houzz are required to keep inventory levels accurate and up-to-date at all times. This is critical to minimizing out-of-stock events and issues. Repeated cancellations due to out-of-stock issues may lead to termination of your seller privileges. Frequent updating of your inventory will also positively impact your seller score

You can update stock levels, pricing, lead times, and shipping prices for approved products. 

We recommend updating inventory (for stock levels) for each product every hour, but no less than once per day, depending on your order volume. There are three ways to update inventory for your products:

  • Directly from the Manage Products page
  • Individually, through the Edit Product Listing page for each product
  • In bulk, by uploading an Inventory Feed

Making Changes through Manage Products Page

From Seller Central, click on the “Products” and "Manage Products" link to view a sorted list of all your products.

You can refine your search by:

  • Searching for SKU or brand or product id
  • Filtering for listing status, such as “Active”, “Inactive, “Pending”, or “Rejected”
  • Sorting by SKU, Created Date, Brand or Hierarchy

For any given product on this page, you can override price, stock level, or select a new status.Changes are saved automatically. 

Making Changes to Current Product Listings

From Seller Central, click on “Manage Products”.  Search for the product you wish to edit by entering the SKU, brand or product ID. Click on the “edit” link next to  the product you want to edit. This will take you to the Edit Product Listing page where you can update pricing, MSRP, quantity, shipping costs, lead times and keywords.

Tip: Once an item is approved, you will no longer be able to adjust titles, description, dimensions, style, category or images. Please go to and submit a request if you need to edit these fields.

Click Update at the bottom of the page to save changes.

Making Changes In Bulk Through the Inventory Feed 

You can also update the inventory for many products at once using an inventory feed, which is a simple CSV file in a Houzz-defined format. To update inventory using a feed, you will need to download the current feed, edit it, and upload the revised feed.

From the “Manage Products” page, click the “Download Inventory” button at the top right of the page to download the current feed. The inventory feed will reflect any active filters.

Once you download the feed (a .csv file), open it in your desired editor. You have the ability to edit the price, quantity, status, shipping costs, lead times, etc for each SKU in the feed.

  • Price: Overwrite current price in Column D – example: 45 to 46.50 ($ sign not needed)
  • Quantity: Overwrite quantity in Column C – example: 5 to 0 (do not use decimals 5.1 or negative values.)
  • Status:
    • Change status in Column I– example: active to inactive
    • The only two statuses are “active” and “inactive”
  • MSRP: Overwrite current MSRP ($ sign not needed)
  • FreightItem: Enter “Yes” if products ship freight
  • StandardShipping_US: Overwrite current standard shipping. Enter “n/a” if not offered
  • ExpeditedShipping_US: Overwrite current expedited shipping. Enter “n/a” if not offered
  • BulkCurbsideShipping_US: Overwrite current freight expedited shipping. Enter “n/a” if not offered (must have 1 Freightitem column)
  • BulkInsideShipping_US: Overwrite current freight inside shipping. Enter “n/a” if not offered  (must have 1 Freightitem column) (typo too?)
  • LeadTimeMin: Overwrite current minimum lead time
  • LeadTimeMax: Overwrite current maximum lead time
  • Action: Enter “Delete” if you’d like to delete the listing. Note: This is not reversible! If you do not want to delete the listing, do not remove the default "update" in the column otherwise the sku will not update.

Tip: If you offer shipping to Alaska, Puerto Rico, or Hawaii, you will see additional columns to fill out on your inventory feed. If you offer shipping to Canada, you will also see additional columns to fill out in your inventory feed.

After making changes to the feed, save the file with the name “inventory_filename.csv” where “filename” can be replaced with the name of your choosing. (For example, “inventory_May2016.csv.”)

Return to Houzz Seller Central and click Import Inventory.

Select the “Adjust Pricing/Stock Level” tab.

Click on “Choose File”, select your saved  file, and then click “Upload.” An alert will appear indicating that  your  feed has been uploaded, with a link to view the status of the upload processing.

 If any of the products failed, you will see an error message on the view status page indicating the failing data line from your feed. If this happens, make corrections as advised, save, and re-upload.

Tip: If you remove a SKU from your data sheet, it will NOT be removed from Houzz. If an item is out of stock or discontinued, you will need to either remove the item through your Seller Central or through the inventory feed.





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