How does Houzz group and display products available from multiple sellers?

As an open platform, the Houzz Marketplace allows sellers to list for sale any products that fit within our guidelines. In many cases, this means the same product is available for purchase from multiple sellers.

Until recently, these products would all appear as individual product listings across the site, specifically in browse and search.

To improve the ability for Houzz users to find and buy products, Houzz is now grouping listings of the same product from different sellers into a single listing. This single listing presents:

  • All the sellers from whom this product can be purchased
  • A consolidated view of the product's title, description, specifications and other metadata - Houzz selects the "best" metadata to present in the product listing
  • Buying options algorithmically ordered by factors such as price, shipping time, and performance metrics encompassing on-time shipping rate, backorder rate, and cancellation rate

We are slowly rolling this out, so you may start to notice this on an increasing number of products on Houzz. Here is an example of a live product with multiple seller listings.

What does this mean for you?

  1. The metadata that you submit for a product that is already on Houzz may not appear next to the product in the single product listing. Again, Houzz is selecting the "best" metadata.
  2. You may find that your product is overpriced compared to other sellers. To stay competitive, you may need to adjust prices to match other sellers.
  3. It's important to maintain strong performance metrics, as reflected in your seller score, which include on-time shipping, low cancellation rates, and accurate inventory information to avoid backorders.

Our goal is always to provide the best buying experience. We believe this is a positive step towards that goal, and also a powerful way to reward and promote the best sellers on Houzz.


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