Shipping and Handling


Sellers are responsible for sourcing, fulfilling and shipping products to customers. Houzz operates using a flat-rate shipping model, which can be set per product and per order.

The following guidelines apply:

  • Seller must ensure products are packaged for safe transit and that goods arrive in excellent condition.
  • Seller must provide accurate shipping estimates on a per-product basis, if applicable.
  • Seller must print and include the Houzz packing slip in each product shipment.
  • Seller must include all Houzz-supplied packaging materials in each product shipment.
  • Seller must not include any promotional materials with the package.
  • Seller must apply a minimum service of curbside for all freight orders. 
  • Seller must provide legitimate tracking information. 

Shipping to Alaska/Hawaii/Puerto Rico

By default, your products are available to all users in the continental US. To enable the sale of your products to buyers in Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico, please follow these steps:

  1. Specify shipment times and order handling fee settings for shipments to Alaska/Hawaii/Puerto Rico. There are 5 potential options to specify: standard ship times, expedited ship times, freight ship times, per order handling charge for regular shipping, and per order handling charge for freight shipping. Note: only the standard min and max ship times are required. You must email us at with the values for all the options you wish to specify. Please also include your Houzz username and account name in the email. See below for a screenshot of the options:

2. If you are obligated to charge tax in Alaska, Hawaii, or Puerto Rico, specify the the appropriate sales tax rates per state here:

3. Once Houzz has confirmed that your shipment times have been properly entered, click on the Download Inventory button on the Manage Products page in Seller Central.

4. This spreadsheet will contain extra columns for each product: StandardShipping_USOTHER, ExpeditedShipping_USOTHER, BulkCurbsideShipping_USOTHER, BulkInsideShipping_USOTHER. For each shipping option that you provide, you must specify a shipping cost per product in your feed. If you don’t offer a specific shipping option, please leave that column blank.

5. Upload your updated product feed here: 

Once all of these steps are successfully completed, your products will be available for sale in Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico.

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