Process Orders

New Orders

When sellers receive new orders, the order status will be “Placed.”

If the order contains multiple items, the seller can split the order.  For example, if an item is on backorder or discontinued but other items are in stock, a seller can process the items in stock by splitting the order. We recommend splitting orders that include items that may ship at different times.  When you receive an order, your lead time will begin.

Processing Orders

Click “Process Order” to indicate that you plan to fulfill the order. Once the order is in processing, you can select “View Order” to see details of the order.

Charge Card

Click “Charge Card” to pre-authorize the customer’s card.

We recommend that sellers click “Charge Card” immediately after clicking “Process Order”.

Please note that clicking “Charge Card” only places an authorization on the customer’s card that is valid for 7 days. You must click “Ship Order” within 7 days of clicking “Charge Card”or the order will revert back to “Processing” status. If the order reverts back to “Processing” status, you must repeat the above steps. The customer’s card is fully charged  only after the order is marked as "Shipped". 

If the card fails to charge, you will be unable to move to the next step of shipping the order. You will be notified of the failure immediately:

    • You will receive a pop-up message in Seller Central. You can also sort your orders by status, including “Failed to Charge.” See screen shot below.
    • You will receive an email notification.
    • An FTP file labeled “order_failure_report.csv” will be immediately available for download.

When the card fails to charge, the customer is also sent an email notifying them that they will not receive the order unless the payment information is updated. You will receive an email when the customer updates the payment information.

Ship Order

When you have tracking information for the shipment and are ready to ship, click “Ship Order” and do the following:

    • Print the Packing Slip and include that in your order.
    • Include the Houzz thank you note and envelope inside the box.
    • Place Houzz stickers on the outside of the package.

When you click “Ship Order,” the customer’s card will be charged.

If you have not previously moved the order to “Charged” status, and the credit card fails to charge at this stage, you should not ship the product. You will be notified immediately through the same methods above.

Houzz Customer Service is happy to assist in collecting payment should you accidentally ship an order that has failed to charge. If we are unable to collect payment, you will be responsible for the order. Our system will cancel orders that remains in “Failed to Charge” status without any activity for more than 7 days.

For more information on how to use Houzz packaging materials when processing orders, please watch this brief video: 


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