Product Collections

Products can be grouped into logical collections. For example, if a chair, bench, stool, table, and ottoman all belong to the same named “collection”, Houzz allows you to group them together for display on

Collections can be created from the “Manage Collections” page in the Seller Central.

A new Collection can be created by supplying the following:

  • Name (required) --  a case-sensitive, unique display name for this collection. You cannot name more than one collection with the same name.
  • Description (optional) -- an internal description for this collection
  • Cover photo (optional) -- you can upload a cover image to represent this collection throughout the site and on your profile. If you don’t provide an image, an image will be selected from one of the products in the collection.
  • Any number of products (optional) -- you can search for products (by SKU and brand) and add them to this collection by selecting the corresponding SKU from the list. You can create an empty collection.

By clicking on the “Create collections in bulk”, you can create a set of empty collections at the same time.

If a Collection has already been created, you can add a product to this collection through the Product Feed, by adding a column named “Collection” and specifying the exact name of the collection in that column for that SKU. 

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