Self Service Tool

Sellers can list products on Houzz via a product feed or a self service tool. The self service tool allows you to add products one at a time. This is ideal if you only have a few products to upload.

From Seller Central, click on the “Add Product” link under the “Products” section in the left hand column.

You will be taken to the Create New Product Listing Page.

Create Product without Variations

If your product has no variations (i.e. size, color), fill out the following sections as instructed up to the Variations section:

  • About this Item: Product Name, Description, Category, Style, Manufacturer/Brand, Product/Website URL, Keywords
  • Images: Please add up to five relevant images. The first photo should be a product photo on a white background. 
  • Pricing and Inventory: SKU, UPC, Quantity in Stock, Price, MSRP, Shipping Costs and Lead Time
  • Details: Dimensions, Weight, Primary Materials, Designer/Artist

Tip: If your product is a freight item (meaning it ships on an LTL carrier), please be sure to check the Freight Item box and denote any curbside or inside delivery costs.

Tip: If you have the capabilities to ship to Canada, or Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico, be sure you enter in shipping costs in those fields as well.

Tip: Lead time is the amount of time it takes to get the product ready to ship, not including shipping transit time.

Tip: If the product does not have multiple variations, you do not need to enter anything in the Variations section.

Create Product with Variations

Products that are logically the same, but variants of each other, must be grouped together under a single parent SKU, so they can be presented as such to customers.

If the product has variations, the information from the top part of the form (above the Variations section) will become the “parent” SKU. Enter the product details and variations as specified below.

  • Product Name should not include variations such as size or color.
  • Upload only one image.

Tip: The image you add here will not be seen on the variations so you will want to add whichever image you used as a variation below as well.

  • Create a new SKU for this parent

Tip: Parent SKUs are never available for purchase, so you can make up a new unique SKU.

Enter product variations, separated by commas.

Tip: Use only to add variations of the parent product. Do not use to add more copy to the product listing.

The system will generate new items for each variant and automatically populate fields based on the parent SKU. Enter a unique SKU for each variant and edit the automatically populated information, if necessary.

Add up to five images per variant. The first photo will need to be the product on a white background. When you have completed the details for all the product variants, click Submit.

Tip: If product variations have the same shipping cost, click “Overwrite variation shipping” and enter in the shipping costs in the correct shipping field.

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