Review Your Seller Central Settings

Before you being selling, please take a few minutes to review your settings in Seller Central. Log in to your Houzz profile then go to Navigate to “Settings” on the left side of the page under your profile picture.


Bank Account

Make sure you have entered your correct bank account information to ensure that you get paid correctly and on time.

Sales Tax

Houzz collects sales tax based on the information you enter in your tax settings in Seller Central. Please update your tax settings here and specify the areas and tax rates in which you are required to collect taxes from your buyers. We will calculate and collect taxes from the buyer at the time of checkout based on your settings and send this amount to you.You are required to remit it to the appropriate authority.  You must complete your tax settings before any of your products can go live on Marketplace.

Seller Agreement

You can view a copy of your signed Seller Agreement within the Settings of Seller Central under Seller Info.


To ensure you receive important updates your Notification settings should be kept up to date. Make sure you enter the correct email address for each option, detailed below:

Primary Email

This is the email associated with your account and used to login.

Order Notification Email

This is the email that the following order specific emails are sent to:

New Order
Order Cancellations
Failed to Charge
Payment Information Update
Unshipped Order Alert
Refund Processed

Customer Service Email

This is the email that the Houzz customer service team has on file and will contact should we have any questions about your products. Additionally, all internal Houzz messages are sent here.

Register For the Houzz Seller API

The Houzz Seller API allows sellers to list and manage inventory, process orders, and more through an HTTP-based RESTful interface. Click here for information on how to register the Houzz Seller API. 


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