Answering Product Questions

Houzz users often ask specific questions about products in an effort to learn more before purchasing. Since you know the most about your products, we encourage you to answer these questions accurately and promptly in order to drive more sales. Prompt responses to questions can help close sales and build the relationship between the customer and your brand.

How do I answer a product question?

There are a few different ways that you can answer a product question. For all of the different options you will need to be logged into your Houzz profile. Once you are logged in, you should follow the correlating instructions below:


From your inbox select the email titled “Someone has a question about one of your products on Houzz”. Inside the email you will see the product, question, and a green button to “See Question”. This button will direct you to the product question page. Respond in the comments field, and select submit.

Your Houzz Profile:

Hover over “Your Houzz” from the upper right hand corner of the page and select Seller/Vendor Central. Then select “Your Houzz - Overview”. On this page, you should select “Questions” from the horizontal menu. Here, you can filter between all of your questions, and those that haven’t been answered. Select the question that you would like to answer and you will be directed to the product question page. From here, you should enter your response in the comments field, and select submit.

The Product Page:

From the product page you can scroll down to the customer's question, and enter your response within the comments section. Once your answer is complete select submit.

Do I have to answer the question right away?

We encourage you to answer the question as soon as possible, and always within 48 hours. Please keep in mind, the consumer's decision to purchase is often times reliant on your answer. Our data indicates that customers are much more likely to purchase a product when questions are answered promptly.

What if I don’t know how to answer the question?

If you are unsure how to answer please email us with the question at We’re happy to help!

 Can I edit, or delete my answer?

Only for a limited amount of time. Once your answer has been posted for 24 hours you will no longer have the option to edit or remove your answer. This is to ensure the communication within the thread is comprehensive for other viewers.

Your answer...

  • should remain factual and free of any opinion
  • should be kept up to date, and accurate
  • should be written in positive, friendly and helpful language
  • will remain visible to the Houzz community
  • should remain on Houzz. This is to ensure that other customers who are interested in purchasing the product can benefit from your answer.
  • can never include links outside of Houzz or phone numbers.

To help get you started we’ve included some sample templates below: 

General Question:

Hi there!


Thank you!

Out of Stock:

Hi there! This [PRODUCT] is currently in production. Once we receive more inventory we will update the listing.

Thank you!

Where can I buy this?

Hi and thanks for your question! You can purchase this item by adding it to your cart and selecting check out now!

Thank you!

Shipping Windows:

Hi and thanks for your question! This item is ready to ship within ___ business days from the time you place your order. Transit time varies depending on where you are located. Once you place your item in your cart and proceed to checkout, you'll be provided with an estimated delivery window prior to completing your purchase.

Please let us know if you have any other questions!

Return Policies:

Hi and thanks for your question! Below please find the return policy for this item. For future reference, you can find the return policy on any of our items listed under the "Product Specifications" on the right hand side of the product listing. Please let us know if you have any other questions!

Phone Orders:

Hi and thanks for your question!  To ensure order security, we only take orders online. However, our Customer Support team would be happy to assist you and walk you through the purchase process over the phone. Please call us at your convenience at 800.368.4268.

Please let us know if you have any other questions!

 If at anytime you are unsure on how to respond, or would like assistance answering a product question please reach out to us at


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  • Avatar

    I am a contractor in CA with a client who has fallen for a Vent-a-hood installed over an outdoor grill in one of your photos - it's titled "A real man's kitchen". What she wants is probably not available, but she would like to be in contact with the designer and property owner to ask questions about it. Thanks very much. Jay Cravagan, Superior Builders and Remodelers, Oakland, CA 510-517-1168

  • Avatar

    I just received the grill brush I ordered and it's pretty pathetic to say the least. While I could return the item for a refund, it's not worth the hassle. I found a grill brush ten times better than this thing for less than $7.00.

  • Avatar

    I am inquiring about may Vanity Order no. 1538-6018-4360-6490 It has not yet shipped and still says they are preparing for shipment. Please find out when the shipment is expected to be mailed? I had asked that they wait until after Aug 3rd and it is now Aug 15. Please advise, Jennifer Akers

  • Avatar
    Sally Mackin

    This is a 6 bulb pendant/chandelier which I was told you'd contact me when it is back in stock. It's called a Crown Wood-Metal Chandelier 20.5"x18"x24" @ $216.79. Could you give me a date when it could possibly be back in Stock? Sally

  • Avatar

    When an order is shipped does someone have to sign for the item and do they deliver on weekends.

  • Avatar
    Debbie Watson

    please contact me regarding orders. Debbie Watson 3103395080

  • Avatar

    please contact me regarding a purchase i want to make. i have questions about the lights I want to buy.
    can someone please let me know who can i speak to to answer my questions.
    thank you,
    Annie Dakesian
    my phone # 954-349-9744

  • Avatar
    Anil Chawla

    you are idiot - junk low life people and poor website.

    1 cent item but ship $39
    Hell with you!

  • Avatar

    I will like to know if you have the dining table style number 5200-138

  • Avatar

    You have the same item on your website for two different prices: cypress tree coffee table--one for $809.00 and one for $825.00. What is the difference? Thanks for your response! J. Hogan

  • Avatar


    I have just seen: Monarch Specialties 72 Inch Etagere With Tempered Glass Shelves in Chrome and wondered if you could deliver this item to the UK??

  • Avatar

    I am trying to buy Danby 27 Bottle 12" Built In Single Zone Wine Cooler would you match some of the online prices since I rather order through you guys.

  • Avatar

    What's your phone number

  • Avatar

    What is your phone number?

  • Avatar

    Purchased a Knight of the realm ivory statue "18"H like to know if you have plastic cover to protect statue "Plastic" cube? If not are you aware of company that I would be able to purchase? thanks for your time.

  • Avatar
    sue acheson

    hi ... I have question about velvet hangers could someone contact me ?

  • Avatar
    Janice Hernandez

    Missing remote for order 1569-8760-2626-1312

  • Avatar

    I like to keep the order # 1571 4161 5853 1198 NOEMI coctel table. An get the difference $ 3.00 from my visa.

  • Avatar

    I need to know the thickness of the 10x20 party tent fabric be for I purchase it . Can someone tell me please?

  • Avatar

    Is acacia wood waterproof or water-resistant and would a sealant help?
    Thank you.

  • Avatar

    I ordered cycas tree it's 28 inches its broken I want my money back or a another tree can you help . Thanks denise

  • Avatar

    Can you tell me if u have the wall range hood instead of the under cabinet

  • Avatar

    I own a rug I find I have not payed for. You contact me, I go silent...i am unable to find [ recently]to view that purchase. No one helps me finish the payment. Obviously I am going need your help. Could you help me to pay you. i need to be able to get into my account and change my credit card. I simply cannot get in. Please help [ 860 413 9370] Thank you, Kristine Sullivan

  • Avatar

    Hi: I would like to ask how I can purchase the 2 pieces of art (2 people sketched from the back) in the photo of "St. Pete Beach Condo." Also, if you could tell me the measurements and the price for each, I would appreciate it.
    Thank you for your help.

  • Avatar
    Ivalee McAlmond

    I have an order for supplies for our new house. When I set up the account I used my debit card, forgetting that it has daily limits and my orders were canceled. Brittany, in customer support reset my order but with the same debit card. Today I went into my orders and tried to change them all over to my credit card. I'm not sure that I was successful. Can someone check my order to see if it is OK?

  • Avatar

    on 11/20/17 I called to ask about a 32"wall mount clear tempered tempered glass vessel vanity sink needed to know the measurements from the floor to the first shelf bars. Gean told me that he would get back with me but never got back and now they are all sold out! I was not Happy

  • Avatar

    Hi Sarah,
    I’m Jackie Fogarty’s client with the Rosa Verona tiles search.
    Can you send me directly the picture you sent her? She forwarded your e-m, but there was no attachment.
    Thank you.