Sellers should ensure that their inventory is always up to date and accurate. At times, however, customers will order items that are out-of-stock or on backorder. Please note that backorders and late shipments negatively impact your Seller Score.

Sellers must verify that a product has available inventory before moving that order into a "Processing" state. If a new order contains a product that is out-of-stock or on backorder, a customer always has the option to cancel the order. 

You may only initiate a backorder when an order is still in the "placed" state. To do so, follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Using the "Contact Customer" button for this order, contact the customer to indicate that an item is on back order, the updated expected delivery date, and obtain their consent that they would like to keep the order active.

  • Step 2: If the customer wishes to cancel the order, you must cancel the order by clicking on the "Cancel" button and choosing "Item out of stock" as the reason.

  • Step 3: If the customer indicates that they wish to leave the order active, you must update the delivery date of the order using the "Change Estimated Delivery" button.

You will see the following:

You must enter three items:

    • The number of calendar days you wish to extend this order. These days will be added to the current delivery date range.
    • A "Reason" message that restates why you are changing the delivery date of the order.
    • Check to confirm that you have notified the customer of this date change. You cannot change the delivery date of an order without first contacting the customer.
  • Step 4: The customer will receive an email confirming the change in delivery date. Please ship the order within the updated, communicated time frame.





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