Creating and Managing Promotions

Sellers have the ability to run promotions across their entire set or a subset of their products. Promotions can be events such as a "Spring Sale" or "Lighting Special", where a seller discounts the prices of their products for a period of time. 


A promotion can be expressed as a discount percentage, discount value, or a fixed sale price that is only effective during a specified date range. Every promotion consists of the following:

  • Name: an internal name that can be used to refer to this promotion (20 character limit)
  • Label: this text may be displayed with the product to communicate the promotion (20 character limit)
  • Description: an internal description for this promotion (40 character limit)
  • Product group on which the promotion should be run (can be the entire set of products for a seller)
  • Promotion type:
    • Percent off: apply a % discount to the current price during the promotion
    • Amount off: discount the current price by a fixed $ amount during the promotion
    • Fixed price for all items: set all products to the same fixed price during the promotion
  • Promotion value (discount %, discount $, or fixed price) which corresponds to the promotion type
  • Start date: the date at which the promotion starts, inclusive; promotion starts at 12:00 AM PST
  • End date: the date at which the promotion ends, inclusive; promotion ends at 11:59 PM PST


Managing Promotions

Sellers can view and manage their promotions from the Manage Promotions page. This page lists all created promotions, including their status, start/end dates, and the products to which each promotion applies. A seller can edit or remove each promotion from this list.

Creating Promotions 

To create a new Promotion:

  1. Visit the Create New Promotion page in Seller Central by clicking on the "Add Promotion" button from the Manage Promotions page.
  2. Specify a name, label, and description for the promotion.
  3. Determine whether the promotion should be active by clicking on the "Is Active?" box.
  4. Specify a start date (promotion starts at 12:00 AM PST) and end date (promotion ends at 11:59 PM PST) for the promotion.
  5. Choose a promotion type: "Percent off", "Amount off", or "Fixed price for all items"
  6. Specify the promotion value based on the chosen type: either a % discount, a $ discount, or a fixed price
  7. Select the product group on which this promotion should be run or create a new product group. If "All Products" is chosen, this promotion will run on all products.
  8. Click "Create" to create the promotion.

If the "Is Active?" box is unchecked at any time, the promotion will be disabled, regardless of whether the current date falls within the start and end date for the promotion.

The promotion "Name" and "Description" are both internal fields that can be used to identify the promotion.

The promotion "Label" can explain the promotion to potential buyers. It should be a logical name for the promotion, such as "Spring Sale" or "Annual Sale".

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