What may sellers include in messages to Houzz customers?

The Houzz messaging system is intended to facilitate communication between Houzz sellers and customers.

Please DO NOT:

  • Include your phone number, email address or website URL.
  • Incentivize or encourage positive reviews.
  • Attempt to upsell.
  • Include any promotional messaging other than Houzz coupon codes.
  • Include any external links, even to product or return information on your website.
  • Write negative comments about Houzz or other Marketplace sellers.

Please DO email orders@houzz.com:

  • To cancel an order if it has moved beyond Placed status.
  • When you receive a return from a customer.
  • To update the delivery date on an order.
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    how to I find my order again..I would like to edit it..I just placed it today.

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    How to ask for a customer's phone delivery to schedule delivery of an oversized item?

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    how can i return

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    I bought glass tile Mosiac from glass tile oasis. May I have their phone number as I need their return policy.

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    Please furnish customer service telephone number? My phone number is 412-828-5497.
    A scheduled delivery yesterday was not delivered .
    Order number: 1537-7497-5155-4334

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    Jan Wagoner

    My order is 2 week s late.so where is it.

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    Barbara Sneed

    I was told my order shipped, that was 2 weeks ago, very concerned!!!!

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    Hi. I am selling some products on Amazon.com. How can I add my amazon link under "Available from this External Website" option. Or how can I sell the products using Amazon's FBA account? Thank you.

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    I am wanting to order 8 boxes of tile. What is the policy if I receive broken tiles?