What is the Houzz Message Center?

Based on Seller feedback, we have opened direct lines of communication between Houzz marketplace sellers and customers. 


How it works:

After placing an order, a customer can contact you using an online form on Houzz.com. You will receive an email when you have a new message. Do not reply to this email. Click the See Message button within the email to read and reply to the message. If you need to initiate contact with a customer, sign in to Seller Central, go to Your Orders and click the Contact Customer button.


Where to find messages:

Sign in to your Houzz account and go to Your Houzz. Click the Messages link in the menu on the left of your screen to see and respond to all messages. 


Examples of how to use the tool:

Issue: You are about to ship an order and discover the item is damaged. You won't have another available to ship for 3 weeks.

Solution: Message the customer and ask if he or she is willing to wait. If the customer is not willing to wait and you need to cancel the order, contact Houzz as usual.

Issue: A customer decides that he or she would like a different color than what was ordered earlier that day.

Solution: The customer will message you directly to request the change. You work together with the customer to resolve the issue. If the issue remains unresolved, then similar to today, Houzz will mediate. Please contact Houzz as usual to escalate any issue.


The messaging tool is designed to streamline communication and solve problems faster. Please remember this is part of the ordering process on Houzz and is not to be used for marketing purposes. 

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