Can I choose my website’s URL?

Yes. When you click "Publish", there will be instructions in Site Designer for specifying your URL before it goes live. By default, you will be assigned a * subdomain based on your Houzz Username (ex: If you want to use a custom domain (i.e. you need to own or purchase one first through a domain registration service (ex. GoDaddy, Namecheap). You cannot register a domain through Houzz.

If you decide to specify a custom domain for your site, you will need to modify the DNS records of that domain to point to our servers for your site to work.

Click here for more information on how to point a domain that you've registered to our servers.

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    Hamid M. Kashani - AIA

    "Yes. Follow the instructions for choosing your URL when you publish your site."

    Where is the instructions?! I don't see a link.

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    Nicki Huggins

    Where are the instructions? I want to change my URL and I already published the site...

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    Debra Dallmann

    I see lots of very Valid questions, no does anyone ever answer them? I have sent in so many web support requests and never get a reply.

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    if you change your user name, shouldnt your website address change with it??

    in my user name its reside_ and the underscore is screwing up my website URL , how do i change this?

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    Hi folks, we've updated the answer here to clear up some confusion.

    If you have already published your site, you can still specify a custom domain name by logging into Site Designer ( and clicking "Site Options" > "Change My Website Address". From there you can specify a custom domain to use.

    Don't forget to modify your DNS settings (via your domain registrar) to point to our servers. See here: