How do I move my Site Designer site to my own website address?

If you originally published your site at and want to switch it to your own domain, go to Site Designer. In the menu, click Site Options, then Change my Website Address. Type in your custom domain and hit “Save”. You will need to update your settings with your domain registrar. See directions below:

GoDaddy Domains

If you registered your domain to GoDaddy then select “GoDaddy” as your DNS settings provider and then select “Continue with GoDaddy Domain Connect”. A pop-up window will appear prompting you to login to your GoDaddy account. Type in your username and password and click “LOG IN”. Then select “Connect”. Close this window and you are done! Your domain is now connected to Houzz.

Other Domain Registrars

Select your DNS Settings provider in the dropdown menu. Then click the green button below that says “Get Step-by-Step Instructions”. A new tab or browser will open to your selected DNS Settings provider site. See more detailed instructions here.


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  • Avatar
    Amy Hass

    I updated my information at my domain registrar and on but it is still not working.  What could I be missing?

  • Avatar
    Dima Morozov

    I updated my information in my domain registrar and but it still does not work. 3 days ago passed to work, but nothing.

  • Avatar
    Juliana Linssen

    I updated my info in my domain registrar and but it's not working. Please help!

  • Avatar
    Etienne de Villiers


    I did the same and its not working and its been more than 3 days and the accounts connected with that website are not working!!!

  • Avatar
    Megan Oldenburger

    Same thing here- not working. Any help?

  • Avatar
    Dima Morozov

    Friends, look carefully at the data from the domain registrar.
    Check if you have entered the data!
    I have everything working after 3 days.
    True, I made ​​a mistake and to fix it took 7 days.

  • Avatar

    Hi folks, please submit a Support Request from our Support Front Page ( to get help resolving your specific domain issue. Depending on your registrar, the solution will likely be different.