Returns (January 2018 Update)


  • Centralized Returns - All returns for Sellers are organized in the Returns section of Seller Central.
    • Sellers can Accept, Reject, Refund and Close returns all on one page.
    • Sellers will receive email notifications on new return requests, and updates to current returns.
    • Sellers are able to communicate directly with Customers regarding their returns.
  • Expedite the Return Process - The interface and flow for Customers and Sellers was improved to make returning products quicker and easier.
    • Customers are now required to provide a photograph of the damaged product when requesting a return.
  • Standardize the Return Window - The window for a customer to request a return or to report damage through their Orders page is 30 days.


Houzz has established a set of standard return and damage policies to create a first-class experience for our customers, to be fair to our sellers and to promote the shopping experience and generate sales.

The following guidelines apply:

  • Seller must offer return policy terms on Houzz that are the same or better than what they offer on all other channels.
  • Seller must honor all return and refund requests that are initiated by a customer within the agreed upon time frame (usually 30 calendar days).
  • Seller will provide proper shipping information, Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA), and any other information necessary to complete a return within 48 hours of a return request.
  • Seller will promptly process the refund upon receiving the returned product.
  • Seller must issue a full refund or replacement for any damaged shipment unless otherwise agreed to with the customer for any partial refund.
  • If Houzz deems that a seller has violated the guidelines or intentionally created a bad experience for a customer, the seller will be required to pay for return shipping.

If Houzz deems that a Seller has acted appropriately and promptly and the return is not due to seller negligence, the Seller will not be responsible for paying the Houzz Marketplace referral fee on the transaction.


Processing Returns

  1. A customer initiates a return by selecting "Return or Replace Item" from their Orders page.


  2. The customer must select a reason for initiating the return. Reasons include:


    If the customer selects an option indicating damage, Houzz requires customers to provide an image of the damaged product and/or shipping materials in order to speed up the claims process.

  3. The Seller will receive an email notification that a return has been initiated including the reason for the return.


  4. The Seller will visit the Returns page of Seller Central to manage the return.


  5. The Seller chooses to authorize or reject the return.

  6. The Seller specifies if the customer should a.) Return the product, or b.) Keep the product.


  7. If the customer is going to keep the product, the Seller issues the refund. The return request will automatically be marked as closed. The seller is required to provide a comment which is shared with the customer.


  8. If the customer is going to return the product, the Seller provides information to process the return.

    • If the return product will be shipped via small parcel, we recommend the Seller choose to provide their own shipping label by uploading a pdf. The Seller may also choose not to provide a shipping label, in which case the customer will manage his or her return shipping.


    • If the return product will be shipped via freight, the Seller is responsible for arranging a freight return with the freight carrier on behalf of the customer. To provide clarity on the return process for the customer, the Seller is required to provide a comment to the Customer, ie. "You will hear from the freight carrier, Watkins Shepard in 3-5 business days to coordinate the pickup of your product." Additionally, the Seller will be able to upload a supplementary document with additional instructions intended to help the customer better understand the freight return process.

  9. Once the Seller receives the returned product, they will mark the product as returned in the Returns section of Seller Central

  10. The Seller will issue the refund. Once refunded, the request is automatically closed.

  11. If a returned product is not received properly, the Seller will specify a reason and close the return request. Reasons include:

  12. If the Seller has not received the returned item within 30 days of approving the return, the Seller will specify a reason and close the return request.



  • If the customer submits a return request with the reason "Arrived Damaged and Replacing", please close the return with the reason "Sending customer replacement" and send the customer a replacement. The Seller will not issue a refund in this situation. 

  • If you need more information about the customer's return, please click the "Contact Customer" button located on the applicable return request. Customers can also contact the Seller regarding their returns.


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