Issuing a Refund


Sellers on Houzz issue refunds directly from the "Orders" section of Seller Central.

The following guidelines apply:

  • Seller is responsible for issuing all refunds in Seller Central within 48 hours of the returned package being received.
  • If an expected refund is outstanding for more than 48 hours, Houzz will issue the refund on the seller's behalf. The refund will be withheld from the Seller's next bi-monthly payment.

Issuing a Refund

  1. Visit the "Orders" page in Seller Central
  2. Search for the order using the Order ID field
  3. On the corresponding order, click "Issue Refund"
  4. Select a "Refund Type" and "Reason"
  5. Confirm the refund amount
  6. Add a comment (This comment will be sent to the buyer)
  7. Click "Issue Refund"
  8. Confirm the refund on the following page
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